The Power of Hip-Hop

The Beat is Hot!

The term “Hip-Hop” was first used by the South Bronx community leader Afrika Bambaataa . “Hip”, meaning ‘current’, has been a part of the African American vernacular english language since 1904.  Turntablism is the art of manipulating sounds to create music and the simultaneous looping of the upbeat drum. This technique served as the basis of the emergence of hip-hop which came up in the 1970s. Clive Campbell, at the age of 13, developed hip-hop music for the first time in Bronx, New York. Campbell developed a blueprint for hip-hop music and culture by reposing on the Jamaican tradition of roasting.

Influence and Social Implications

Turntablism became combined and used my rapper MCs themselves. 

Various Hip-Hop styles dance

Harlem Shake

Snap dance

Social trends (Naenae, hitdemfolks, etc.)

Graffiti – An art derived from inspiration from the urban culture

Influenced dance without music!

Elements and Commodification

1970-1985 is considered “Old school”

1985-1993 is believed to be the “Golden age”

Reflects the time it is in

Speaks on social issues




Freestyle rapping

Battle rap


Break dancing (b-boy, b-girl)


Award shows, concerts, albums



Nipsey Hussle
-Rest In Paradise!-


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