The Outro

Entering into this class I knew I had a lot to learn about the history of music. I expected to gain textbook knowledge that only reach surface deep. What I obtained was much more than that. Professor Johnson, you raised questions that made us critically examine the music of the time and relate it back to our Blackness. I remember one of the first few weeks of class when you asked What makes us Black. One common answer that was said was Rhythm, resilience, and strength. All of these three things were themes that continued to appear throughout the genres of music. In this class I have learned more in depth about genres I knew, dismantled stereotypes I had of certain genres, and was introduced to new genres. As I think about the genres we have learned there is one question that I have continued to try to answer: How has music affected Black people and how has the black experience affected music. While attempting to answer this question, I have found out a lot about me and interactions with blackness through music. Leaving this class I feel charged to continue my research and desire to further understand the growth of blacks through music. My Playlist has expanded, my knowledge has widened, and my outlook on Black music has grown. As I think back to the first time I listened to Black music and fell in love with it, I can only stand in awe of how far I have come and how much further I have with my journey of Black music.

  • *Uptown Baby Drops the Mic*

SAAM – Medium

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