The Ring Shout goes by many names that could be simplified as the folk spiritual church dancing that Black folks do. It is so much more with the history and meaning behind it. The Ring Shout goes back to slavery, which was used to express themselves through spiritual awakening and emotions. Physically expressing their love for the Lord was always something that has been ingrained without Black culture. One of the things so unique about the Ring Shout is that it is unique and differs from each person who participates in the group circle dance. The Ring Shout truly always comes from the heart and produces organic movements and passion. It is marvelous that today that ring shouting is still a part of Black culture, their churches instilled have their version of ring shouting. Church and Music have always been an escape for Black people. Here is an understanding of what Ring Shouting looked liked back in the day compared to what a Black Churches looks like today.

Watching these videos and seeing the similarities between the two is amazing. To think we still possess the same emotion and feelings as our ancestors are truly beautiful. It feels good to watch when one is so overcome with passion and emotion for the Lord that they just let their body and spirit take over in the form of dance. Music has always been a constant thing in Black culture that has tied us to our ancestors throughout the centuries. It has always been dependable and there that no one could ever take away from us.  So, it is incredible to think that much has not changed in terms of how we express our love for music and how we appreciate the art and feel of the Lord within us.