The Motown Sound

This legendary label was started in 1959 by Berry Gordy with an $800 loan in Detroit Michigan.  He got the name from the nick name the city was give Motor City. He did everything possible to ensure that was was released was of top quality. It was the First African American owned record label to reach heights that it did both on a national and international level. One new what the Motown sound was and it was loved by all.  As time has progressed so did Motown and the artist it developed all while maintaining its ability to dive into various genres. 

The Old Vs. New


This girl group helped to give the labels a number one hit in pop with the single  ” Please Mr. Postman.  In there Career they had 21 R&B hits, and 23 pop hits.  The groups members did fluctuate with mental healthy taking a tole and family life getting in the way.  To this day there music can be heard in movies and television shows showing the longevity of the product that was produced. 

Marvin Gaye 

Know as the Prince of Motown Gaye created a course of success often going against Berry Gordy. His soulful sound makes him a hit and his music a timeless capsule.  He had his first hit with “Stubborn Kind of Fellow” and his biggest hit with ” I Heard It Through The Grapevine”.  In the 70’s Marvin starts to veer off on a path of creative freedom helping out with a film score and producing more risque music. His consistent ability to change and be unafraid of trying something new helps Marvin’s music to continue to resonate with listeners today young and old. 

Erykah Badu 

Know for here soulful sound , Badu first came on the scene in 1997. She pulled influences from R&B 70’s soul and 80’s hip hop her sound garnered her to begin a new sub genre knows as Neo-soul. Her style and unique voice garnered both attention and fans. Her sound is one that is immediately recognizable and can still be heard today. She’s even gotten involved in acting as she continues developing as an artist.  



A singer song writer, composer, producer and actor who has three number one albums. His gift even goes past just him as a musician but has had chart topping hits for a lot of the big starts in today’s music world.  His single ” So Sick” from his album ” In My Own World” had him top the billboard Hot 100 in the US. His seamless blend of Soul, Blues and R&B along with ability to tell a story has helped with the longevity of his Career. 

High Standards= Longevity

From the time it started until present day Motown has remind a beacon and example of what great talent is and sounds like. Classic Motown was able to set a foundation of excellence in the caliber required to be on a label like this .  The people above are just a glimpse of how Motown has transformed over the years but never straying form the standard it set in the beginning. 

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