The Life of Alice Coltrane


Ms. Alice McLeod was born on August 27, 1963 in Detroit, Michigan. Ms. McLeod was born into a musically inclined family in which her mother was a member of the church choir and her brother, Ernest Farrow, was a jazz bassist. Ms. Alice had begun playing organ and piano as early as seven years old. She began to perform in local clubs and network with other musicians. She soon met Kenny Hagood and married him, bearing one child. After living in Paris with one another for a year, they got a divorce due to compromising drug issues that Hagood faced. Ms. Alice and her daughter returned to Detroit to get life back to the way it needed to be. Ms. McLeod wasted no time getting back into her passion-music. 

Ms. Alice began playing with different bands around the Detroit area, one including Terry Gibb’s jazz quartet. In the summer of 1963, Ms. Alice met John Coltrane, a famous jazz musician. The two bonded over their similar spiritual interests and journey’s and soon got married. Together they had three children. Mr. and Mrs. Coltrane were in the process of creating Mr. Coltrane’s album “A Love Supreme”. Unfortunately her beloved soulmate was diagnosed with liver cancer and died early in their marriage. Ms. Alice handled her heartache in the best way possible to make sure her family was supported. 

Musical Contributions

Ms. Alice has created over 30 albums. As an artist, Ms. Alice contributed her time energy and space to the masses. She incorporated her spiritual journey into her music which allowed her listeners to have access to a more vulnerable part of herself. She created a new sound which paved the way for a lot of up and coming artists. She had a transparency about her that separated her from the rest of the musicians coming up in her time. Her music fluidity speaks volumes through her myriad of produced albums, and collaborations throughout her career. I honor you Ms Alice for gracing the world with your beauty, strength, and art. Ashe.

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