The Internet


The Internet consists of:

Syd – Vocalist

Steve Lacy – Guitarist

Matt Martians – Keyboardist

Patrick Paige II – Bassist

Christopher Smith – Drummer

The Internet formed in the year 2011. Two of the current members Syd and Matt. They were both apart of Tyler the Creator’s “Odd Future” group (LA based).

They were the first group to release music under Odd Future Records, and have been successful ever since. The group has released four studio albums and were nominated for a Grammy award for their 2015 album “Ego Death”.

The band performs a myriad of genres such as R&B, Hip Hop, Funk, Jazz, and Electronic Music.  


Syd is a founding member of The Internet. She is the lead vocalist of the group and she also contributes to the creation of the lyrics and content of the songs the band produces. 


Syd grew up in a musical home, and aspired to make music after being inspired by her family. She has been able to make music with her brother, her friends, and has even been able to create solo projects that have made room for her in new places in the industry. 


Steve Lacy is the guitarist for The Internet. He grew up in LA and first began playing playing the guitar at age seven through the video game Guitar Hero. He used his love for the game and wanted to learn how to actually play the guitar.


Steve is one of the main producers of the sound that is The Internet. He contributed his producing skills to the band before he joined as their guitarist. He has also produced on albums like DAMN by Kendrick Lamar, which won the grammy award for best Hip Hop album of the year.

Matt Martians

Matt Martians is another founding member of the group. Being that he has been around since the beginning, he brings an authenticity of what the band’s sound is. He is also responsible for the name.

Matt has also began to venture out into creating his own solo projects(which feature some of his band mates). He has released an EP on his own and intends to continue to create solo and group projects for him and his fans.

Patrick Paige II

Patrick Paige II is the bassist for the Internet. He has contributed his creative intellect to the band for some time now and is now venturing into balancing a band and a solo career.

*A taste of what solo Paige sounds like.

Christopher Smith

Christopher Smith is the drummer for The Internet. He has been with the group for a very long time and has been instrumental in the creative process for the music and sound that the band produces.


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