The Impact of Hip-Hop Music

Over the years Hip-Hop had became a very popular and evident within Black culture. It originated in the 1970s but became more popular within the 1980s and 1990s. Many black people became DJs and MCs which eventually led to man iconic duos that are world renowned today. Over the years the Golden Age began especially within New York. The Golden Age is a time when Hip-Hop music started to gain mainstream success. The rapping techniques began to change and eventually led to messages being displayed within HIp-Hop songs that supported black culture and problems that black people were going through. Hip Hop within the 21st century has definitely shifted . Techniques such as auto tune and also the messages displayed within Hip-Hop music changed. Messages are more vulgar and centered around women, money and drugs. Hip-Hop music is definitely for Black culture and has stood the test of time by always staying around. 

Famous Hip-Hop Artists