The Great Speaking in Tongues Debate

Speaking in tongues is a part of what we today consider old means of praise and worship. There is great debate amongst Christians; some who say that speaking in tongues is an “old-school” tradition and label it as archaic while there are those Christians in modern day who consider speaking in tongues to still hold power and validity within modern praise and worship. Speaking in tongues refers to a moment in which a believer is praising and begins to speak in a language that he or she does not entirely know. These tongues can incorporate dialects that seem enlightened or unfamiliar to the speaker or the tongues could appear using non-worldly or Holy languages that may seem more familiar to the speaker. 


Many believe that being able to speak or interpret tongues is a spiritual gift. 

  1. The following are widely accepted amongst believers about speaking in tongues:

  2. 1. Speaking in tongues is proof of the properties and mastery of The Holy Spirit

  3. 2. The gift of speaking and being able to interpret tongues should be embraced in amalgamation

  4. 3. The art of speaking tongues is a way to bestow glory to God and bring believers closer to one another and to Him 


Bible Scriptures that discuss speaking in Tongues: 

– Acts 2:4 
-Mark 16:17 
– 1 Corinthians 14:2 
-1 Corinthians 14:23
– Acts 2:11
-Isaiah 28:11

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