The Folk Music Within

If you told any average American to close their eyes and picture what a middle folk musician looks like, they would go on about White hillbillies and their banjos singing country tunes. What they do not know is that the originators of folk music look more like the picture to the left. Arriving in a new world, Africans had been completely stripped away from their freedom, but the music they had within themselves could not be stripped away. The rhythm that they could not take beneath their feet. The melody that they can never take out their hands. The Europeans thought they could take away everything from the Africans, but they could never take away the harmony in their hearts. By not having the usual instruments, they had to get creative such as using the Hambone, which was the instrument that they could not take away.

One of the many music Africans’ styles was the work songs that they frequently sang to pass along the time whenever they had to work. These songs were typical from the planting fields to the place where they cut the wood. The songs were not only to pass the time but to lift their spirits through the horror of what they were going through daily. The songs uplifted them and provided a moment away from what they were going through. It is truly a haven that the Africans had to lean on while being enslaved. The most arguable well-known Folk instruments are the Banjo. The Africans made the banjo out of local materials. One of the other instruments they made out of local material, mainly deerskin, was an African-style drum made initially in Virginia. Today we can all agree that music is the universal language that resonants with us through every century. We have a mutual love for music. The video below within its Title says, ” There is no movement without rhythm,” which shows that every movement and sound we make can turn into a beautiful melody apart of a great symphony. The video also showcases the art of making your instruments and making every vowel and every word apart of a beautiful song in the making. The video also highlights the amount of pure joy they have while playing the instruments and listening to the music they have made, which is an example that shows no matter where you are and what position you are in life, you can always make music.

In conclusion, Folk music is the thing we believed started it  all. All the decades of great music created by African Americans. Folk music has been erased from the typical knowledge of African American but seen as the white people music because they took it. African Americans had folk music when they had nothing else to bring them joy. What they did not know at the time they were setting up decades of Black people making music and becoming influenical 

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