Mahalia Jackson

The Queen of Gospel was born October 26 1911 in New Orleans Louisiana. She began sing as a child at Mount Moriah Baptist Church. This Would kick start her life long career. Although raised in a christian household her influences came from blues artist Bessie Smith and Ma Rainey. She began really gain success with the song ” Move O Up a little Higher” in 1947.

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Shirley Cesar

Considered the First Lady of Gospel Music this power house singer’s career spanned seven decades and allowed her to amass 11 Grammy wards and 15 Dove Awards. Born in Durham on October 13th 1938 and came from a rather large family with 13 siblings. Her father was know for preaching the gospel and singing in a group. Soon Shirley began singing with the group. After her fathers death she began singing at churches to bring in money to help her handicapped mother.  By 1951 she had her first record deal and released the single ” “I’d Rather Have Jesus.” Soon after her career took of and she became the First lady of Gospel.

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Karen Clark Sheard....

Karen Valencia Clark-Sheard was born on November 15th 1960. She first got her name start in music along side her sister and mother. The Clark  sisters were world renowned and there music touched the corners of the world and clubs.  She rose to fame during the sisters hiatus with he album Finally Karen. Although the Clark Sisters are back singing together Karen continues to perform and is supported by her family. 

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