The Evolution of Techno

Electronic or techno music began to make way in the late 60's
Many musical pioneers began to develop electronic instruments; a sound that
had never really been heard or implemented before.

Electronic instruments that began to make way and gained
popularity included electronic drums, turntables, and polyphonic synthesizers.

As a result of this new and unique genre and sound,
other genres such as hip-hop and disco began to peak through.

Techno music became so popular to the point where the title
of "DJ" became accepted as an official job title.

Many festivals would take place in which large crowds of people
gathered in fields and arenas to dance sporadically and rave
to the wild and electronic sounds.

Festivals today such as Coachella, Tomorrowland, Lollapalooza, Boom Town
and many more are directly inspired by the pioneering of techno music.

I personally do not consider myself to be an avid techno listener or
fan but I am grateful for its creation as it has inspired some
of my favorite genres such as disco and

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