The Detroit Sound: Inner City Techno

Detroit Techno Origins

Detroit Techno was created by three black native Detroit men named Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson, and Derrick May, otherwise known as the “Belleville Three.” These three young men created a genre of music that is a standard for most electronic music to this day. Their creation has influenced and carried the sound that we recognize as techno today. Although we typically associate techno music with white artists, black men are the creators and set the foundation for everything that is techno.

Inner City Beginnings

In 1987, Kevin Saunderson and vocalist Paris Grey(who is a native of Chicago, Illinois). This group had the true authenticity of the Detroit techno sound simply because one of its founders were apart of the “Belleville Three”. This made it easier for the essence of Detroit techno to be in their music.

Inner City Impact

Inner City has topped both US and UK charts, having four number one’s on the billboard charts. Inner City continues its legacy through Kevin Saunderson’s son Dantiez Saunderson, who continues his father’s legacy by continuing to influence the world with the authentic Detroit techno sound. 

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