The Commodores


The Commodores are an American contemporary jazz, funk, soul band that started in the last 1960s in Tuskegee, Alabama. The band was started by mainly freshman at Tuskegee University in 1968. After winning their annual talent show and playing on campus and locally, they signed to Motown Record in November 1972. Their first big act was opening for the Jackson 5 while they were on tour.  


Milan Williams (deceased-original)
Thomas McClary(original)
Lionel Richie (original)
Ronald LaPread (original)
Andre Callahan (original)
Michael Gilbert
James Ingram
Skyler Jett
Sheldon Reynolds
Eugene Ward
Mikael Manley
David Hodges
Chelsea Powell
Tom Joyner

‘Three Times A Lady’- Peaked at #1 on 8/12/1978

‘Sill’- Peaked at #1 on 11/17/1979

‘Nightshift’- Peaked at #3 on 4/20/1985- Won Grammy in 1986 for Best Rhythm & Blues Vocal Performance – Duo, Group Or Chorus

‘Easy’- Peaked at #4 on 8/27/1977

‘Oh No’- Peaked at #4 on 12/5/1981

‘Sail On’- Peaked at #4 on 10/13/1979


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This post was really fun to do, because, again, this is a band that I was already listening to before we even talked about rhythm and blues. It was cool to learn that  Commodores were started on an HBCU, I never would have known that had I done some research about them. I like that we are moving forward in time because we are starting to go over artists that I have grown up on.  

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