The “Classics” an Exploration of Classical music

  • Origin of the Genre
    • The Classical genre pre-dates most genres previously discussed in our course so far, having roots that can be traced back to Medieval periods ranging from (500-1400). Though these dates can be attributed to other nations introduction of classical music, Black involvement in the classic genre was sparse in its early stages. The early twentieth century, can be attributed to a small number of black musicians versed in classical music. These musicians were a small number of conservatory-trained composers.
  • Elements of the genre
    • Classical music is one of the oldest genres as it describes a variety within the genre from the middle ages to the present. Classical incorporates European styles and techniques, and when touched by black artists creates a mixture of folkloristic elements. Classical music is the seamless blending of multiple musical techniques and strategies. Classical is one of the most technical genres as it is less about improvisation and more about a very precise and developed structure within its compositions.
  • Social Implications
    • Classical music is an interesting genre because it took a very long time for it to be available to African American Artists. It also took a long time for black classical artists to be validated as being “competent” in the genre. Black artists had been contributing to the classical genre for hundreds of years, yet only until the 20th century were they valued to teach and pass down the genre.
  • Important Performers
    • Michael Abel’s is a rather new age classical in comparison to talking about earlier components of the genre. But as a performer; he ties into the aspect of social implications. His orchestral essay, Global Warming (1991) is one of the first compositions by a black composer programmed by the South African National Symphony. This selection was used after Nelson Mandela’s election, adding a historical component that further went towards legitimizing the genre. Abel’s’ also composed songs for the latest blockbuster, Jordan Peele’s Get Out .
  • Commodification and Implications of Genres
    • During the time of the Harlem Renaissance is when classical music by black artists took the country by storm and became a cultural movement. This movement not only reverberated amongst the black community, but American culture as a whole. White Americans came in droves to consume the latest and greatest black art that was coming out of this time period.
  • Influences on Later Genres
    • Classical music from its inspection has since left its mark on many genres. You can find elements of its structure techniques and daw out cords setting the precedent for jazz music, and the variations of the jazz genre. Elements of classical also echo through rock music.
  • Conclusory Opinions
    • Although I do not usually listen to classical music, its importance is not lost on me. It is proven to strengthen the intellect of unborn children in the womb. I don’t know what the study in on full grown adults but I would be interested to find out.[embedyt][/embedyt]

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