The Chronicles of Jazz

Jazz is the trendsetter of all music. The genre being the very first music to be representative of world culture. 

In the 1920s, Jazz was America’s most popular music. The genre was so popular to the point that people overseas were listening to American Jazz. 


Jazz was entertainment. It’s more than just music.  Jazz is a defined and refined art style. 

Jazz is deeply rooted in West African tradition and culture. Just like most genres of music like the blues and R&B, jazz was brought to America due to slavery.

The birthplace of jazz takes place in New Orleans, LA. New Orleans had the perfect environment for the art form to thrive in.

As Jazz became more and more popular, the music was just not limited to New Orleans. Harlem, NY, Chicago, IL, and Detroit, MI all became hotspots for Jazz.

New Orleans is also where the the Father of Jazz, Louis Armstrong, is from.

Louis Armstrong is who made jazz what it is. Armstrong created the organized solo. 

Instant Swing is the dance style associated with JAZZ

The Banjo is the most popular instrument used for Jazz Music. 







-Ayiana McDow

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