The Blind Boys of Alabama

Eric Mckinnie, Jimmy Carter, Clarence Fountain, Bishop Billy Bowers.

Blind Boys of Alabama

The Blind Boys of Alabama are an all men gospel group that originated in Alabama in the 1930’s. 


The Blind Boys of Alabama are an all men Gospel group that first originated in the 1930’s. In their first days of singing, the group was founded by five elementary school boys who originally got together to sing and uplift those with disabilities. This group consisted of Clarence Fountain, Johnny Fields, George Scott, Olice Thomas, Vel Bozman Traylor, and J.T. Hutton. These young men at the time, were all special due to their singing talents. However, five of them were special in a unique way, the first members had a visual disability of blindness. 


After these six young men figured out their passion, The Blind Boys of Alabama began to sing and perform at camps, gathering, and circuits. Their performances were extraordinary because of the unique presence of soul at their events. Because the Bling Boys of Alabama existed during the time of the Civil Rights Movement, they also used their voices to uplift others alike them.  

A few years after their establishment, the Blind Boys created events and circuits and grades of their own. This gained them recognition by a talent agency who introduced them to other musicians alike themselves. The talent agency introduced the Blind Boys of Alabama to the Blind Boys of Mississippi, and the two groups began to tour and perform together. The Blind Boys released their first single in 1948; “I Can See Everybody’s Mother But Mine.”


After 1948 the Blind Boys started to sing at churches as they dove deeper into the genre of gospel and soul. They created songs like “Higher Ground, I Shall Not Walk Alone, Good Religion, and People Get Ready.” 


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The voices of the Blind Boys of Alabama won them five Grammy's. their first Grammy was won in 2002 for the best traditional soul gospel album for Spirit of The Century. The second was in 2003 for best gospel album; Higher Ground. The third and fourth grammy was awarded in 2004 and 2005 for best gospel album. Over time, the Blind Boys of Alabama won six grammies, and received nominations for two.

The Blind Boys of Alabama had a great contribution to the history of gospel music. They were known for their soulful sound, authenticity, and consistency. They worked together as a band for over 40 years to produce gospel music for the culture. They have produced over 70 records for their legacy.

“When you love what you do, it keeps you motivated.”

- Clarence Fountain

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