Like many other genres of music, Jazz comes from West African roots. The time when African slaves were taken to the Caribbean. 

Although Jazz started in the early 1900s and 20s, it  was made global during the 30s and the 40s.

Jazz music grew over time and introduced people to new styles which include Swing Jazz, Big Band,  and Bebop 

The Many Faces of Jazz Music

Mary Lou Williams 

Louis Armstrong

Bessie Smith

Duke Ellington 

Big Band and Swing 1930s

For the 1930s, Big Bands and Swing Jazz were HOT! It gave a new and fresh twist to the modern jazz. These new styles made people want to get up out of their seats and dance their night away. 

The music was very upbeat and fast paced, so that people had no choice but to dance. 

Although the Great Depression happened during the time these genres dropped, it did not stop the people from having a good time during that bad time. 

Ella Fitzgerald 

Highlighted People and Band of the 1930s Swing Jazz Era

Count Basie Orchestra 

Billie Holiday 

Jazz was taken into a new direction when Bebop was created. During the time Bebop was created, World War II started. 

Bebop was more faster and chaotic than swing, making this genre a bit more uplifting and moving. 

Bebop in the 1940s

Music was more than just beats and fun. It was an expression for what was going on in the world around them during the 30s and 40s. It was a release. Jazz impacted many and it continues to impact today!