Technological Disruption: 2000’s Music

A more connected world

2000’s music showcased a variety of genres (pop, contemporary R&B, hip hop,) while reflecting influences of pop music that emerged from the previous decade. In this way, many of the artists that were popular in the 90’s stayed popular through the 2000’s. Although, the 2000’s was filled with many tragedies and problems. This decade included pain from the 9/11 attacks, Middle Eastern wars, and economic troubles. Thus, the music of this decade needed to  balance optimistic styles of music, while giving consideration to the agony many experienced during this time. 

Technological Disruption

The ways individuals listened to music drastically changed, due to new technological advances such as MP3 formatting, the Ipod, streaming services (Pandora, etc.)  and the television (MTV). With the click of a button, music was now portable and forever available to listen wherever we went. This technology also allowed music to reach national audiences and connect with individuals quicker. It also was the start of tuning performances such as autotune.


Technology affected the way artists created music, giving them a more futuristic and edgy look on screen.

Naike Ngassam Njike

Naike Ngassam Njike

Megan Thee Stallion

My artist post paper will be about Megan Pete. The link to the page is here. The page will highlight her early life, rise to fame, and her impact in the music industry. Her discography and videography will also be shed light on. In addition, I will also talk about how she has used her personality to brand herself.

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KSR: 40 Years of Hip Hop

“Don’t pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.” Much like this quote, The KSR documentary teaches us that Hip Hop serves as a representation of the Black community and we should cherish and educate ourselves about it.

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Trap Music: Group Presentation

For my group project, I presented on Trap music. Here, i have attached the link that leads you to the project. Click the title “What is Trap Music Anyways” to access the project.

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