Techno in Detroit

What Is Techno?


Techno music is a genre of music. Techno music can be identified by its iconic electronic beat made up of synthesizers and different softwares. It is essentially music created by a series of beats through modern technology mixed together in different ways by djs.  


Where Did Techno Originate From?


Techno originated in Detroit, Michigan. The reason why this was such a big deal is because Detroit was known as the abandoned city. Detroit’s economy crashed around the late 1960s due to the city’s main infrastructure being held up by the automobile industry. When the automobile industry left, it left the city devastated. People were forced to move, many businesses closed, and the city was abandoned, left with no real economy to stand on. Due to this crash Detroit began to get a bad reputation. No one really liked the city because there was no appeal. Detroit became known as the abandoned city with no potential. No one traveled to the city anymore and people who lived there were often criticized for staying in a city with such a bad reputation and economy. Many people from Detroit described it as becoming a “Detroit versus everybody” situation. This is why when techno music came in the 80s it was such a big deal. When techno music came to Detroit it uplifted the city. It gave people of Detroit something to be proud of and it gave an appeal for others to the city of Detroit. 

Who’s Poppin’ In Techno?


Some popular Techno artists include:


  • Juan Atkins – known as the originator of techno music 

  • Carl Cox – British techno producer 

  • Carl Craig – techno dj from Detroit, Michigan popular in the 80s and 90s

Juan Atkins

Carl Cox

Carl Craig

My Thoughts on Techno Music


I personally think techno music is an extremely cool genre. It is extremely unique. There is no other genre like it. Personally I think that if I was from Detroit I would probably feel more of a personal connection to it and I would probably also listen to it more but regardless I enjoy the genre. Techno is made up of a series of instruments, synthesizers and beats and that’s what I think makes the genre so amazing. It is characterized by certain things, but there’s no one solid beat. You can use a number of instruments to make it your own. Aside from the original, unique beats, I like how techno music in a way put Detroit on the map. I feel like city pride is a big thing. Where you come from is a large contributor to the person that you grow up to be. I feel like every city is known for something whether it be for a major tourist attraction, sports team, or genre of music. Before the 80s Detroit was known for the huge economic crash. The introduction of techno music gave the city of Detroit something to be proud of. Techno gave the city something positive to represent. 





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