Techno gave a new touch to the music industry. Techno music was birthed in the mid to late 80s. The genre was first emerged in Detroit Michigan. At the time, things were evolving and computers and robots were taking over. The culture became more industrial, so the music industry had to adapt to it. In a documentary shown in class, someone described the era as having “three natural resources: Fresh Water, Salt and Techno.”

The Elements

Techno music is also referred to as electronic music. Some elements of Techno music features a multitude of things. One of the main elements is Four-on-the-floor. This is a rhythm pattern used commonly in electronic dance music. The pattern has a steady and uniform beat that is hit 4/4 times, where the bass drum is hit on every beat. Techno also has different breaks that are sped up. Some also described the genre as kraftwork and having soul sonic force.


Techno music has three creators: Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson, and Derrick May. It was said that Kevin Saunderson was the elevator. He made sure that the music got to the masses. Kevin Saunderson was one of the first people with a crossover hit and “without him Techno music would not be anywhere that it is now.”

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