Talk About Tink

Trinity Laure’Ale Home better known as Tink, is a 25 year old R&B artist. With singles such as “Treat Me Like Somebody” and “Million” Tink has been a consistent star and developed sound. With melodic beats, and her lyrics that she chooses to either sing or rap, Tink is a diverse and creative artist that shows in her artistry. 

Timbaland, a known producer in the music industry, is one of Tink’s biggest fans. “Tink saved my life, She’s so young and she’s got it.” (Timbaland) 

Timbaland who has produced music for Aaliyah, has exclaimed that the late R&B star came to him in a dream about Tink. Simply Aaliyah who is known as R&B’s princess, told Timbaland that Tink is the one. 

With comparisons to Lauryn Hill and Da Brat, Tink signed with Timbaland’s label in 2014. In a short three years however, she decided that being independent was better for her and she was released from her contract. “I make my best work when I’m sitting in my house in Chicago, I can see the bus stops and the snow on the ground, seeing the Bucket Boys and little things like that.” Now in 2020, Tink has released her most recent album, “Hopeless Romantic” with the single, “F**k Around” that showcases her updated melodic harmonies and storytelling on top of an 808.

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