Taking Ragtime to the Big Four

Traditional jazz originated in New Orleans, Louisiana in the late 19th century. After the Jim Crow laws, Creole musicians who were classically trained found themselves playing black music which is influenced. Their music was heavily influenced by ragtime and blues. 

The jazz genre is centered around instruments and what makes this music so unique is the improvisation. In jazz musicians could work together as a band but it was their individuality that made them unique and true to the genre. The genre still uses some of the syncopation seen in ragtime and introducing the swing style and the big four.

During the origin of jazz, there were many social strains. Before segregation the Creoles would perform in the company of white people, but due to the social change, if they wanted to continue to perform they would have to do so among the black people. The Creoles who once thought of themselves as above the common black people were now classified with them due to racial segregation.

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There are many important jazz performers including Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. Another important performer was Buddy Bolden, who was the lead of what is considered the first jazz band. Many of the notable musicians would get paid to perform and would enter competitions for prize money.

Due to the Jim Crow laws in some parts of the country, white people did not believe that black people were the creators of this genre. Some white musicians would use the compositions of African Americans to use as their own which would only promote the fabrication.

Jazz music now has sub-genres including cool jazz, bebop, free jazz, and modal jazz. It has influenced the genres of soul and R&B. Jazz music is one of the greatest forms of creativity and is still appreciated by many.

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