Back Down Memory Lane: A Minnie Riperton Biography

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Influential Women of Jazz

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Women During Black Movements

Treemonisha is a opera written by a the famous ragtime performer Scott Joplin. This opera focus around the main character of the same name, who is kidnaped and trying to make her way home. The opera is considered one of the first all-black operas to gain so much popularity. This was very important to Scott […]

The Women of the Blues

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Women in Ragtime: Hazel Scott

Women In Ragtime: Hazel Scott Ragtime was born in 1896 and originated from African Americans in the late 19th century. It’s sound and unique rhythm was passed down by old jigs and the style of piano thumping. By the 20th century rag time became intensely popular for people to host events with and dance to.  […]

The Life of May Aufderheide

The Life of May Aufderheide May Frances Aufderheide was a famous ragtime composer during the 19th century. She held a very high reputation for her ragtime compositions and to some would be known as the best female ragtime composer. She was born in Indianapolis, Indiana from John Henry Aufderheide, a violinist, and Lucy M. Deel. […]