Ragtime: As American as Collard Greens

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Rag or Rot?

Songs of ragtime obtained vast popularity within audiences of White people around the 1880s, being the holdover from the early nineteenth century racist minstrel shows. There were few politer ballads that would feature imagery of “proper” or “genuine” relationships and sweet love. Examples of this include “Love You Truly” “Come with Thy Sweet Voice Again” […]

Ragtime and the Everlasting Cakewalk

Ragtime and the Everlasting Cakewalk Its Ragtime! Ragtime was an amazingly influential and monumental contribution to African American music and all music in general. Without the creation and introduction of ragtime, there would be a lack of uniqueness and variation in music. Even though it was short lived, the stylization of the genre was completely […]

Jazz: From Ragtime to Riches

“America’s Classical Music” or “African-American Classical Music” is what this genre has been dubbed.  Jazz is widely regarded at the pinnacle of African-American music in the twentieth century. Defined by its “hallmarks of improvisation, syncopation, a rhythmic pulse known as swing, blues feeling, and harmonic complexity”, Jazz is unlike any other African-American musical genre. Many […]

It’s Ragtime!

This groundbreaking musical genre, similarly too much other African American music, was born in southern churches; being that the first place many African Americans had access to pianos was the church. Although many Black musicians got their start in the church, this is a secular genre. In addition to churches, Ragtime was heavily influenced by […]