Composer Undine Smith Moore

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The Influence of HBCUs on Spirituals

The Influence of HBCUs on Spirituals What are negro spirituals? Negro spirituals are one of the earliest forms of African American music. It was a genre created and transmitted via the oral tradition that was “divinely inspired” and would also record enslaved Black people’s experiences throughout their days. These songs and the performances of these […]

Heart, Soul, and Negro Spirituals

Being the basis of near all African American music, Negro Spirituals hold immense significance to the Black community. Times were bleak when this music were curated back in the 1800s, proving to be the only spirit the enslaved would have in this era. Background To instead refer to this genre as “African American Spirituals” wouldn’t […]

Kathleen Battle and the Negro Spiritual she sang

Negro Spirituals are religious music of African Americans during slavery spirituals began during the Great Awakening. Spirituals were used to cope and to send messages to others who were enslaved. They made the songs to have conversations with one another and just to be able to sing songs that they wanted to sing, not songs […]

The Soul Behind Negro Spirituals

Despite contrary belief, black people possess some of the most poise, elegance, and grace. Exemplified in the arts and in everyday interactions, this grace is extended when being applied in telling the stories of our ancestors. Negro Spirituals encompass the stories of enslaved Africans and their tribulations during the transatlantic and domestic slave trade. I […]

Slavery work songs​

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Alannah Ross: Negro Spirituals

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Essence Ward and Allison Carter

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The Black Church

The Black Church The Difference Between Spirituals and Gospels Although Negro Spirituals and Gospel songs both are about freedom they have a few differences. Negro Spirituals are from the 19th century and Gospel songs began in the 20th century. Spirituals were religious folk songs by slaves that allowed them to speak on freedom when they […]

Spirituals: A Form of Rebellion, Resistance, and Resilience

Negro Spirituals as a Tool for Survival An Act of Resistance Without spirituals, enslaved people would have bottled up all their emotions and grievances and kept it to themselves. Singing spirituals allowed enslaved people to temporarily relieve a mere ounce of the stress that was upon them. Negro Spirituals were a form of liberation to […]

Oh Freedom!: Spirituals as a Second Language

  Negro spirituals have been prevalent since the time of their creation. In times of enslavement, enslaved Africans were exposed to  Christianity.  Many people believe that the journey during the transatlantic trade washed away all African cultural practices. While many things were stripped from these individuals through chattel enslavement, some still remained.  The way enslaved […]

Negro Spirituals: Evidence of the Stead-fast African-American Spirit

Negro Spirituals: Evidence of the Stead-fast African-American Spirit Lila Gilliam Negro Spirituals are the religious and expressive music of African-Americans during slavery; they exemplified Christian religious values and allowed creative expression for the enslaved ancestors and even Black artists and musicians today. Because of its historical longevity, the Negro Spiritual is a testament to the […]

Negro Spirituals

Sounds to Move Your Spirit: Negro Spirituals Thesis Negro spirituals were an essential component to the survival of enslaved African-Americans and demonstrate attitudes of resistance to white supremacy. About Negro spirituals are songs that were created by enslaved people as an outlet to express their emotions. Enslavement is an experience that makes humanity and human […]

The Golden Gate Quartet: A Glimpse into the Transitional Period

How it All Began The Transitional Period 1930 – 1945  The group was founded as “The Golden Gate Jubilee Singers” in 1934. The group was formed by four students at Booker T. Washington High School in Norfolk, Virginia. The original members were Willie Johnson (baritone), William Langford (tenor), Henry Owens (second tenor), and Orlandus Wilson […]

Voices That Carried On

History of Negro Spirituals Spirituals were religious songs made by African Americans during slavery whereas hymns were loosely based on biblical scripture  The Great Awakening, a period of religious revival that swept around the colonies in the 18th century, led to the birth of negro spirituals In the South, slaves would meet in secret because […]

Negro Spirituals: The Invisible Church

During Slavery, African Americans were banned from meeting up for worship and church services without the supervision from whites. Because they were not allowed to hold their own services legally, they found ways to worship in secret, in defiance of the laws placed against them. The laws that prohibited them from gathering together without the […]

White Methodist vs. AME

The Methodist Denomination Methodism was founded by a minister named John Wesley in the eighteenth century in England. He along with other people would meet in Oxford to pray, study the bible, receive communion, and perform acts of charity, being known as “The Holy Club.” Wesley followers are known as methodists because of  the methodical […]

Ring Shout: Let’s Get To Shoutin’

The Ring Shout The ring shout is a form of dance that is characterized by leader-chorus singing, hand clapping, other percussion. Participants typically move in a counterclockwise circle. The ring shout has been practiced for many generations and even today with the McIntosh County Singers and the GeeChee Gullah Ring Shouters. HISTORY OF THE RING […]

The Fisk Jubilee Singers

The Fisk Jubilee Singersby: Morgan Allen The Fisk Jubilee Singers are credited with the early popularization of Negro Spiritual music along with traditions. Negro Spiritual songs were not very known in the north or with white people so many of their audience was unaware of such music. This is due to the way slave […]

The background history of Negro Spirituals and Hymns

The background history of Negro Spirituals and Hymns What is a Negro Spiritual?   A Negro Spiritual is a genre of music particularly composed by African Americans with the story/meaning of Christianity behind it. This genre of music expressed social/physical experiences from person to person. And those that were enslaved. These spirituals also made it […]