Unit 3 & 4 Summary

Thesis : African Americans spirituals were created due to force but ended up becoming a commodity throughout slavery. In all slavery formed African American spirituals were created.  This was such a crucial moment in history because this was the only way for African Americans to express themselves. African American spirituals gave slaves the chance to […]

Hidden Messages Within Negro Spirituals

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Legacy and Significance of Brush “Hush” Arbor Meetings

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The Significance of Jubilee Quartets

The Significance of Jubilee Quartets As we learn more about music in Survey of African American Music, it is clear that music never dies; it is simply revamped. Much like Folk Music and Negro Spiritual, Jubilee Quartets provides foundational aspects that are essential to music of today, especially Black religious gospel music. While reading the […]

Negro Spirituals

Sounds to Move Your Spirit: Negro Spirituals Thesis Negro spirituals were an essential component to the survival of enslaved African-Americans and demonstrate attitudes of resistance to white supremacy. About Negro spirituals are songs that were created by enslaved people as an outlet to express their emotions. Enslavement is an experience that makes humanity and human […]

1860 Negro Spiritual Breakdown

1 The 8 Negro 6 Spiritual 0 Breakdown Negro Spirituals: Define: The songs which were sung by the black slaves in the United States in the 18th and 19th century. This is because Black slaves turned to religion as a way to cope with the pain of slavery. Each song is unique to the type […]

White Methodist vs. AME

The Methodist Denomination Methodism was founded by a minister named John Wesley in the eighteenth century in England. He along with other people would meet in Oxford to pray, study the bible, receive communion, and perform acts of charity, being known as “The Holy Club.” Wesley followers are known as methodists because of  the methodical […]

Afro-American Negro Spirituals

Afro American Negro Spirituals The Great Awakening The Great Awakening was a religious revival in the 1740s that swept through the American colonies. This revival led to religious freedom and the formation of many new churches across America. In relation to negro spirituals,the revival movement increased the number of African slaves who were exposed to and […]

The Invisible Church That Was Seen All Over

The Invisible Church That Was Seen All Over The Birth of the Invisible Church Since the Africans arrived in America (particularly the South) from the Motherland, a majority of them have attempted to preserve as much of their African heritage as possible, including certain cultural and religious practices. It was not until the Great Awakening […]

Negro Spirituals – A Unique and Symbolic Thread in African American Culture

One of the earliest forms of religious music developed in black culture in America is the spiritual. The genre of music came out of slavery and symbolized the slaves’ unique expression of Christian religious values and ideals tempered by the social, cultural, and physical experience of prolonged involuntary servitude. It is impossible to determine the […]

Negro Spiritals: Slave Songs of The United States

Orgin of Spirituals Negro spirituals are the earlist forms of religious music that was deveopled by African Americans in the United States. The spirituals were created as a form of resistance by the enslaved people. During this time period, spirituals represented a genre that celebrated Christian values and resisted the social structures that continued to […]

Negro Spirituals: For Us By Us

Negro Spirituals: For Us By Us When Africans were brought to the United States for slavery they were forced to practice the religion of their slave owner, which was typically Christianity. One of the only times slaves were allowed to come together were for religious meetings and gatherings. They would gather together after church or […]

Before Gospel: The Negro Spiritual

Before the compositions of Gospel music, there were the Negro spirituals. Influenced by the struggles of slavery and the adoption of Christianity, Negro spirituals were songs of the pain of bondage and the hope for rescue. Origin: The introduction of Christianity to enslaved Africans in America gave them a savior to worship. The idea that […]

Spelman College Glee Club

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0soOmx9Y2Ic[/embedyt] Like many HBCUs, Spelman College has a premiere music ensemble which carries on the negro spiritual tradition. The Spelman College Glee Club has maintained a reputation for choral excellence since 1925. The organization is open by audition to all students of the College community. Their Repertoire consists of sacred and secular choral literature […]

Fisk Jubilee Singers

  Five years after Fisk University was founded, George L. White created a nine-member choral ensemble of students and took it on tour to earn money for the University. They were immediately popular and toured around the country and the world. The Fisk University Jubilee Singers performed negro spirituals that had been transcribed to be […]

Dr. Kevin P Johnson

Dr. Kevin Johnson – Website Creator Dr. Kevin P. Johnson is an Associate  Professor of Music and Chairman of the Music Department at Spelman College. As a tenured professor, Johnson teaches choral conducting, music theory, music technology and has stood as the director of the world-renowned Spelman College Glee Club for nearly 20 years. He has been instrumental […]

Harry T. Burleigh

Harry T. Burleigh Born Henry Thacker Burleigh on  December 2, 1866 in Erie Pennsylvania Discovered musical talent after learning to sing spirituals from his grandfather   Continued musical career at National Conservatory of Music Met Czech composer Dvořák at National Conservatory of Music Working as a handyman in the conservatory burleigh would sing spirituals. Dvořák […]