A Modern Look at Negro Spirituals

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Pass It On Up: The Movement of Negro Spirituals through Black American History

The Origin of the Negro Spirituals:        Negro Spirituals is a music genre made by the enslaved Africans in America during the 18th century.  These songs often mixed in elements of the Christian church and the storytelling of the slaves. Often used as a comfort for most, negro spirituals were sung as a […]

1860 Negro Spiritual Breakdown

1 The 8 Negro 6 Spiritual 0 Breakdown Negro Spirituals: Define: The songs which were sung by the black slaves in the United States in the 18th and 19th century. This is because Black slaves turned to religion as a way to cope with the pain of slavery. Each song is unique to the type […]

Are you really hearing me?: Unveiling the Double Entendre

Are you really hearing me?:Unveiling the Double Entendre in Negro Spirituals by: Angel Milton Double Entendre? What’s That? The term “Double Entendre” is derived from the French language, translated word for word meaning “double message.” Although “Double Entendre” isn’t used in the French language, the real translation is “Double sens, double signification, double message.” In […]

The background history of Negro Spirituals and Hymns

The background history of Negro Spirituals and Hymns What is a Negro Spiritual?   A Negro Spiritual is a genre of music particularly composed by African Americans with the story/meaning of Christianity behind it. This genre of music expressed social/physical experiences from person to person. And those that were enslaved. These spirituals also made it […]

Folk Music: Songs of the Struggle

Folk Music: Songs of the Struggle If you want to learn about the struggles of being African American, the best teacher is African American music. The hardships faced by African Americans can be found in a number of genres: Hip-Hop, R&B, Blues, etc… all throughout the history of African American music. But, where does the […]