Sister Sledge: A Disco Group

Sister Sledge: A Disco Group Disco was a genre of music popular in the 1970’s and was a form of dance music. Although the disco era did not last long, many artists and groups emerged through disco, one of them being “Sister Sledge”. Sister Sledge was a phenomenal girl group that turned the tides in […]

is disco really dead?

Is Disco really dead? Disco was in its prime in the early 60’s through late 70’s. This new fun sound of music was at the top of the charts and people’s hearts. The mix between strings, synthesizers, and electronic instruments had the dance floor going crazy. Many new dances formed because of this genre including […]

Disco with Sister Sledge

Disco with Sister Sledge Disco came around in the early 70’s and brought a unique sound to the music industry. Sister Sledge formed their group in ’71 and began to achieve their fame and success in ’79. These women brought an extra piece of gold to the table with their unique sound paired with their […]