Negro Spirituals: Evidence of the Stead-fast African-American Spirit

Negro Spirituals: Evidence of the Stead-fast African-American Spirit Lila Gilliam Negro Spirituals are the religious and expressive music of African-Americans during slavery; they exemplified Christian religious values and allowed creative expression for the enslaved ancestors and even Black artists and musicians today. Because of its historical longevity, the Negro Spiritual is a testament to the […]

The Shout

Introduction The Ring Shout equally requires bodily actions and soulful shouts. To slaves it was more than just the biblical scriptures put into a song. For slaves at the time, it was all about their physical identification that they were able to express. This form of worship created a new world for the enslaved. Through […]

Ring Shout: Let’s Get To Shoutin’

The Ring Shout The ring shout is a form of dance that is characterized by leader-chorus singing, hand clapping, other percussion. Participants typically move in a counterclockwise circle. The ring shout has been practiced for many generations and even today with the McIntosh County Singers and the GeeChee Gullah Ring Shouters. HISTORY OF THE RING […]

“You make me wanna shout!”

“You make me wanna shout!” What is ring shout? Ring Shout is a form of negro spiritual that has a leader chorus, hand clapping, and is a type of religious dance where participants move in a counterclockwise circle. This type of Negro Spiritual has been around since the 1800’s and were the slave populations unique […]