Negro Spirituals by Sefanit Abbi

Thesis Negro Spirituals, which are derived from African Spirituals, are monumental to the development of African American music. While negro spirituals are seen as ancient today, negro spirituals indirectly influenced all genres of African American music since they are ingrained in our history, allowed for communication amongst one another, and kept slaves alive during the hardest times. /*! elementor – […]

The Golden Gate Quartet: A Glimpse into the Transitional Period

How it All Began The Transitional Period 1930 – 1945  The group was founded as “The Golden Gate Jubilee Singers” in 1934. The group was formed by four students at Booker T. Washington High School in Norfolk, Virginia. The original members were Willie Johnson (baritone), William Langford (tenor), Henry Owens (second tenor), and Orlandus Wilson […]