Ragtime defines a performance style and practices like composing and dance. Ben Harvey claimed to be its inventor. It is a duality between oral and written music, between early jazz and classical music, and between African American and European American music. The words “ragtime” and “jazz” were used synonymously. Rag, or ragging, consisted of syncopated […]

One of the Most Influential Women to Ragtime: Winifred Atwell

Winifred Atwell Who was Winifred Atwell ? Winifred Atwell was a pianist from Trinidad and Tobago. She came from a family of Pharmacists, and at first thought she would carry on to doing pharmacy as well, but she went for her passion for music and had taken piano lessons. Winifred noticed and acted on her […]

The Legacy of Nora Holt

The Legacy of Nora Holt Nora Holt has transcended the boundaries of classical and ragtime music, she is truly the epitome of Who Was She? Nora was born in Kansas City as Lena Douglas. She married 5 times, but derived her name from her fourth husband: George Holt. She took his last name, and changed […]