Thesis  Scott Joplin is considered the king of ragtime because he was able to diversify ragtime and contribute to a genre of music that was segregated and he was the face of this genre. During this time period this was so important because segregation lasted way longer than this period but he opened doors for […]

Artist of the rag time period

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The Roaring Ragtimes

The Roaring Ragtimes The 1920s in America brought economic prosperity, hopes of the American dream, and new art innovations. Ragtime music was the theme music to the popular Roaring 20s. Money was of no object to people, and the parties never seemed to end. Unfortunately, the 1920s for black people meant a small portion of […]

Women in Ragtime: Winifred Atwell

Ragtime Ragtime is a musical style created by black people in the late 1800s. Ragtime existed long before it was even given the name “ragtime”. By the turn of the century, the term “ragtime” had a whole meaning. It was defined as a performance style and practices applied to composing and playing popular song, dance, […]

Women in Ragtime: Rosa Henderson

Rosa Henderson Women in Ragtime         When attempting to look up information on women singers and performers of the Ragtime era, you will notice that there is not much of it. This is probably due to the fact that the places where bands and singers performed at, such as dancehalls and parlors, […]

Women in Ragtime: Hazel Scott

Women In Ragtime: Hazel Scott Ragtime was born in 1896 and originated from African Americans in the late 19th century. It’s sound and unique rhythm was passed down by old jigs and the style of piano thumping. By the 20th century rag time became intensely popular for people to host events with and dance to.  […]

Ragtime Video