The Jubilee Quartet: A Male-Dominated Musical Genre

The Jubilee Quartet: A Male-Dominated Musical Genre by Lila Gilliam The Jubilee Quartet was birthed after the prevalence of Negro Spirituals being performed on collegiate and commercial levels. Jubilee was a popular genre throughout the late 1800s up until the 1960s, combining black and white musical practices including spirituals and folk. The general construction of […]

The Mills Brothers

The Mills Brothers WHO WERE THE MILLS BROTHERS? The American vocal quartet that among the most unique and influential in the history of both jazz and mainstream popular music.  The Mills Brothers began as a barbershop quartet. They gave their first public performances in variety shows on the radio in  Cincinnati, Ohio. In […]

The Clark Sisters

The Clark Sisters: Ladies of Gospel Background: The Clark sisters are a jubilee quartet that formed in the 1980’s in Detroit, Michigan. The group was made up of the five Clark sisters, Twinkie, Jackie, Dorinda, Karen, and Denise. The group was formed by the Clark sisters mother, Dr. Mattie Moss Clark. Their mother had been […]