Folk Music

Folk Music Thesis Folk is important because it inspired change during the Civil Rights Movement and united Americans of all races under one cause. History Folk music incorporates instruments such as the banjo, the djembe, and elements of the patting juba to create music. When you google pictures of banjo players you only see white […]

The Creation of Folk Music- Through the Lens of A Powerful Black Woman

By: Gabrielle Weeden The History of Folk Music      As far back as African-American culture reaches, a soundtrack of amazing music has followed it. During the slavery-era, the enslaved Africans would create music between each other while they were out on the fields. This music was a series of calls they would echo back […]


Folk Fairy, Blues Beast & Ballads Beauty – Odetta Holmes Early Life, Career & Death: Odetta Holmes was born on December 13, 1930 in Birmingham, Alabama to the parents of Flores Sanders and Reuben Holmes. When her father died in 937, her and her mom moved to Los Angeles, she then began to study classical […]

The Voice of The Civil Rights Movement

The Voice Behind the Civil Rights Movement Who is Odetta Holmes? Odetta Holmes, born December 31, 1930, was an American Folk Singer who was noted especially for her versions of spirituals and who became for many the voice of the civil rights movement of the early 1960s. Though she had heard the music of the Deep […]

Getting to Know : Folk Music

What is African Folk Music? Overview  Music was a key element in all healing and religous rituals. Folk music originated in the 18th century, when the enslaved Africans were forced to come over to new land. It was a way to tell their story during that time. Because they were forced into a new area without […]