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Unity Through Negro Spirituals

By: Autumn Johnson What are Negro Spirituals? Negro Spirituals are a genre of religious music created by African Americans during slavery. Many enslaved people practiced

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The Black Church

The Black Church The Difference Between Spirituals and Gospels Although Negro Spirituals and Gospel songs both are about freedom they have a few differences. Negro

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Negro Spirituals

The Importance of Negro Spirituals on Society In the late 1800s, slavery was very prevalent in the South and in some parts of the North.

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Negro Spiritual Music

Negro Spiritual Music   Similar to the previous discussion of Folk Music, Negro Spiritual music played an important role in allowing those who were enslaved

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1860 Negro Spirituals

1860 Negro Spirituals Evolution of Negro Spirituals Music was a general way for slaves to express how they felt. Whether it was to express happiness

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