Record Row

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The Making of Hitsville

Previous Next                                                                LET’S SEE WHERE $800 CAN GET YOU… THAT’S ALL IT TOOK BERRY GORDY  How Motown Became Motown Berry Gordy – The Man […]

Can You Dig It??: The Rise of Disco

CAN YOU DIG IT??: THE RISE OF DISCO The origins of the disco genre begin in underground dance venues in New York City in the 1970s, primarily by African American, Latino and gay dancers. The music was made to influence dancing and intersect fashion and hairstyles during that time. Disco also brought forth the presence […]

Stax Records: The Forgotten Label

Stax Records: The Forgotten Label Thesis Many people have heard of the infamous label Motown. However, there were other soul labels that had great success. One of these labels is Stax Records. Beginning Stax records were originally based in Memphis, Tennessee. It was founded in 1957 as Satellite Records, the label changed its name to […]