Black on Broadway

Black on Broadway Black theatre has become a staple in performance style, music and acting over the years, making it the primary influence of many musical theatre performances today.  History of Black Musical Theatre Black theatre has roots in minstrel shows which were often put on by white performers to imitate black stereotypes for comedic […]

Coon Songs: the new sub-genre of the Ragtime

Coon Songs: The new sub-genre of Ragtime Ragtime Ragtime is a music genre that was popular from the 1890s-1920s. It established a whole new set of music. It was completely different from music beforehand, such as classical music. Ragtime is a performance style that played popular songs and dance music, involving instruments such as a […]

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Minstrel Jubilee Quartets

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Minstrel Jubilee Quartets White Minstrelsy: The Racist Tradition Minstrelsy is the prime example of racism in America and the acceptance of public ignorance. Minstrelsy or White minstrel shows was a tradition that was formed due to white northerners “fascination” with slavery in the south. This was originally created by […]

Jubilee Quartet: The New Minstrel Shows

History behind Minstrel Shows Minstrel shows became a popular form of entertainment created by whites, for whites. Minstrel shows incorporated dances, songs, dialogue and performance routines that reflected what White people thought of African Americans. Often White Actors would dress up in “Black Face” which involved painting your face black and depicting African Americans as […]

The Untold History of the Banjo and Fiddle

The Untold History of the Banjo and Fiddle The banjo and fiddle are two of the many instruments that were created by Black people. In fact, they are the greatest instruments derived from the creativity of Black people considering the impact they have had on the history of music. Back in they day, they were […]