Passing the Torch: Black Women Activism through artistic outlets

In Chapter 5 of The Songs of Black (Women) Folk: Music, Politics, and Everyday Living, Rasheedah Quiett Jenkins is determined to highlight the connections between several black female artists that have been enlisted in carrying on the tradition of Black women activism. These women all stem from whom Jenkins deems as one of the first to do […]

A Look into Folk Music

A Look Into Folk Music Trinity Burnett Black musicians played an important role in the progression of American Folk Music. Originally coming from negro spirituals, these songs of the civil rights were commonly passed down through oral tradition. African American folk music comes from the musical traditions of slaves and their offspring in the South. […]

Artist Paper: :Lauryn Hill

Lauryn Hill: The Artist Paper Artist History      Lauryn Noelle Hill was born on May 26th, 1975 in Newark, New Jersey. She is the daughter of a teacher and a computer management consultant. Although it was not their professional careers, her family was very musically oriented. Her mother played piano and her father sang. […]