The Impact of John Coltrane’s Album: A Love Supreme

By MacKenzie Fox The impact of this album was superficial. It was impactful in different ways such as: influencing other artists, being the highlight of John Coltrane’s Career, musical narration, and spiritual representation through jazz. Being Influenced By A Masterpiece Many were influenced by John Coltrane’s Album: A Love Supreme such as American Hippies. Those […]

A Lasting Impact: An Overview of The Influence of ‘A Love Supreme’

By: Gabrielle Weeden Overview of A Love Supreme A Love Supreme, John Coltrane’s sanctified masterpiece, has been dissected, interpreted, and written about more than any other jazz record. It’s an album that’s been dubbed “The Bible” by Steely Dan’s Donald Fagen, and is often mentioned in hushed, reverent tones by its listeners. A Love Supreme […]