How the Blues Killed the Blues

During the 1920’s and 1930’s, the blues played a pivotal part in the expression of African Americans’ suffering. Coming off of the emergence of ragtime in the 1920’s, which reflected the creative and material abundance of the Roaring 20’s, blues used ragtime techniques and combined them with swing to express a different emotion: “The Blues.” […]

Lead Belly- Even Jail Couldn’t Stop Him

Lead Belly Even Jail Couldn’t Stop Him Huddie William Ledbetter, known more widely as Lead Belly, was a folklore and blues legend. Even at a young age, he was involved in music and experienced much adversity on his journey to success. He is known for his  vocals, his mastery of the twelve string guitar, and […]

The Legend of Lead Belly

Lead Belly and his contribution to folk music Biography of Lead Belly Huddie William Ledbetter (January 20, 1889 -December 6, 1949), more commonly known as “Lead Belly” in the music industry, was a folk and blues singer from Louisiana. Lead Belly first started to learn music at the tender age of two years old. Legend […]