The King of Ragtime: Scott Joplin

The History of Ragtime Ragtime was a popularized syncopated or rather “ragged” musical style that originated from the rivers along Mississippi and Missouri during the 1890s to 1918. This style of music was inspired by African American banjo beats, minstrel show songs, and cakewalk. Ragtime music featured solo piano styles that followed a strict two-four […]

Women in Ragtime: Winifred Atwell

Ragtime Ragtime is a musical style created by black people in the late 1800s. Ragtime existed long before it was even given the name “ragtime”. By the turn of the century, the term “ragtime” had a whole meaning. It was defined as a performance style and practices applied to composing and playing popular song, dance, […]

Women in Ragtime: Rosa Henderson

Rosa Henderson Women in Ragtime         When attempting to look up information on women singers and performers of the Ragtime era, you will notice that there is not much of it. This is probably due to the fact that the places where bands and singers performed at, such as dancehalls and parlors, […]

Women in Ragtime: Hazel Scott

Women In Ragtime: Hazel Scott Ragtime was born in 1896 and originated from African Americans in the late 19th century. It’s sound and unique rhythm was passed down by old jigs and the style of piano thumping. By the 20th century rag time became intensely popular for people to host events with and dance to.  […]

Tom Turpin: “A Ragtime Nightmare” and a Dream

Tom Turpin was arguably the first major African American composer and performer of rags. Born in Savannah, Georgia in 1871, he began his musical career in the early 1890s, performing at some of the most renowned sporting houses in St. Louis and would soon publish his first piece as a composer in 1897: Harlem Rag. […]

Missouri’s Gift to Music: The Heartland of Ragtime

Missouri’s Gift to Music: The Heartland of Ragtime Missouri. A state known for its barbecue or Gateway Arch is also famous for being the home of many renowned ragtime composers and musicians. From Scott Joplin to Louis “Bird Face” Chauvin to Thomas Million Turpin and John Stillwell Stark, Missouri became a hotspot for ragtime musicians. […]

History of Ragtime

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