The Origin of the Impersonated Folk Music

The Origin of the Impersonated The Impersonators Go on google and search “Country music singers” or “banjo players”, now click images. The uncanny similarity between the result is that almost all of the people that appeared are white. In today’s society, it would seem about right. But a very common misconception of Country music is […]


African Culture Told Through Folk Music WHAT IS FOLK MUSIC & IT’S ORIGINS Folk music is a type of traditional style of music that tells a story. Folk music first originated in Africa, and has been passed down through generations. Africans used folk music to express their culture and experiences. One of the many ways […]

Hamboning: The human instrument of folk music

Hamboning: The human instrument of folk music Background Information: Hamboning is the act of stomping, slapping, and the patting of ones arms, legs and chests. Some clapping is involved as well. There is also a similar type of rhythmic dance action called patting juba, but it must be known that the patting juba and the […]