The Black Church

The Black Church: Negro Spirituals Essence Testify! Personally, I grew up all 20 years of my life surrounded by church members. My grandfather is a pastor as my godfather is a pastor as well. My parents are prominent members of the church as well. Growing up in a black Pentecostal, I was able to hear […]


Hallelujah! Thesis Gospel is truly one of the most powerful genres in African-American music because it creates a strong bond with religion and uplifts anyone who hears it. About Gospel music is one of the most powerful musical genres created by Black Americans. The instruments that define gospels sounds are drums, pianos, guitars, bass, and […]

Sisters in Gospel

Mary Mary;The Sisters of Gospel The Mary Mary duo are pioneers of the new wave of gospel. They have deepened and diversified the gospel sound.  Before The Fame Mary Mary was consisted of sisters Erica and Trecina “Tina” Atkins-Campbell. The two grew up in Inglewood, CA, with seven siblings. The family was heavily immersed in […]

Hezekiah Walker and his Spin on the Sacred Song

Hezekiah Walker and his Spin on the Sacred Song Gospel with a Twist Growing up in the church, you have to remember listening to gospel almost everyday, especially on Sundays. Whether you are listening to it on your way to church, during praise and worship, on your way back to church, or even during Saturday […]

Salvation in Song: Gospel at Apollo Records

Salvation in Song: Gospel at Apollo Records Gospel music has always served as encouragement for the Black community as they navigate the difficulties of oppression in America. Gospel music gave Black America hope during times of transformation including the Great Migration and the Civil Rights Movement. As early black artists signed to record labels their […]