The Symbolism Behind Negro Spirituals

It has always been apparent that songs more often than not have deeper meanings embedded in them. Whether it be metaphors, figurative language, or hidden messages, there can always be some kind of take away, lesson learned, or story told. In this post, I will be sharing with you the biblical take aways from some […]

Long Live Gospel

LONG LIVE GOSPEL by Lila Gilliam Gospel has existed as a fusion genre since its inception from the jubilee era to the present trap era. It has always been a genre that has reflected popular music because Gospel is classified by its lyrics, topics, and themes rather than by musical style. It is a timeless […]

The Golden Gate Quartet Formation of the Group In the mid 1930’s 4 highschool students from Norfol, VA joined together to create what was initially called the Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet. They gained momentum by performing for local churches and radio shows ultimately getting the attention of the record label, Victor. Though they sang mostly […]


A cappella vocal groups are also called jubilee quartets because of the characteristics of performance style. They often consisted of men; they had a developed, unique style of singing. They are a sub-genre of gospel music. They are a synthesis of African American and Western practices. Western quartets usually consisted of four members or four […]

Another Genre Stolen: Barbershop Community Quartets

Another Genre Stolen: Barbershop Community Quartets What do the Southern Stars, the Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet, and the Mills Brothers have in common? All three quartets were created in neighborhood barbershops. Yet, these aren’t the only famous Black artists to come out of neighborhood quartets. Jelly Roll Morton, W.C. Handy, and Louis Armstrong also all […]

G.O.L.D. : The Golden Gate Quartet

Thesis: The Golden Gate Quartet is responsible for their lasting influence on the genres of gospel, blues, and jazz music. Quartets were derived from arranged spiritual singing.  African-American quartets typically range from 4-6 voices or instruments divided into a four part harmony.  For men’s quarters specifically, this harmony includes baritone, 1st tenor, 2nd tenor, and […]

Let the Spirit Move You: The Gospel Period of Jubilee Quartets

Let the Spirit Move You: The Gospel Period of Jubilee Quartets By the mid-1800s, society had gotten used to the slow and solemn Negro Spirituals, but they had no idea that Quartets were about to make their grand appearance. What would be considered a group of 4 singers in Westernized music, African American quartets were […]

Jubilee Quartets: The Golden Gate Quartet

The Golden Gate Quartet The Golden Gate Quartet is the most popular Jubilee Quartet from the era of 1880-1929. A transition from the Jubilee Quartet style to the Gospel Quartet style occurred the 1930s, which is really when interest and popularity of the quartet music genre occurred (1930s-1950s).   Beginnings The Golden Gate Quartet was […]

A Comparison Between the Golden Gate Quartet and Mitchell’s Christian Singers

Who Were the Golden Gate Quartet? Who Were Mitchell’s Christian Singers? The Golden Gate Quartet was a group of four men that sang negro spirituals, and doo-wop music. They were the most successful Jubilee Quartet of their time, and remain active to this day. Mitchell’s Christian Singers group identified themselves as a Gospel group. Although […]