Singing the song of the lord in a foreign land

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Secular Folk

Secular Folk Music 🎵 Among the peoples of Africa music was integrated into daily life as a group activity rather than a performance. Africans used music to accompany them during work, festivities, as well as expressing sentiments. All of these aspects of the African culture were adapted to life in the New World. The acculturation […]

Music in the Lens of Women

Feminism in Folk Music feat. Lauryn Hill By: Demi Browder What is Folk Music? Folk is a genre of music much described as soulful, strong, imitated, and rhythmic. Folk derives from the early 1600s sang mostly by African descent people who were enslaved. Slaves brought over the banjo, bones, and the djembe drums used to […]

Tracy Chapman: Music Activist

Tracy Chapman was a revolutionary black woman who used her music to express social and political discontent and promote activism, especially for black women. Her undeniable musical talent is just a small portion of what ultimately makes her arguably one of the most successful and highly praised singer-songwriters of our time. EARLY LIFE Tracy was […]

The (Attempted) Erasure of Black People in Folk

by Ashantee Goggins   What is Folk Music?   Folk music is music that is passed through generations with traditional or cultural ties. Though a piece of music does not have to have a certain type of sound to be technically considered as folk, a lot of traditional folk music has a certain type of […]