Jubilee Quartet

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The Influence of HBCUs on Spirituals

The Influence of HBCUs on Spirituals What are negro spirituals? Negro spirituals are one of the earliest forms of African American music. It was a genre created and transmitted via the oral tradition that was “divinely inspired” and would also record enslaved Black people’s experiences throughout their days. These songs and the performances of these […]

The Golden Gate Quartet Formation of the Group In the mid 1930’s 4 highschool students from Norfol, VA joined together to create what was initially called the Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet. They gained momentum by performing for local churches and radio shows ultimately getting the attention of the record label, Victor. Though they sang mostly […]

Modern Day Influence Of The Jubilee Quartet

Victory In The Midst Of Uncertainty As Perceived Through Nelly Ruach Historical Content Jubilee Quartets became widely popular in the beginning of the 20th century. These groups found their name through the biblical context of the year of Jubilee in the Bible when Gods people were being freed from bondage and slavery and began to […]