Black Feminism Through Blues

Embracing a New Norm Through Blues By: Demi Browder Women in Blues African American women set the new standard of expression through music as they stood up and embraced their independence, freedom, and sexual imagery in Blues. Blues emerged during the decades following the abolition of slavery allowing for the genre to give musical expression […]

Constructing Uplift and Womanhood: Treemonisha’s Plot and Libretto

Constructing Uplift and Womanhood: Treemonisha’s Plot and Libretto By: Demi Browder, LaShaunda McWright, Kennedy Taylor, Kyleigh Brown, and De’Ja Smith How We Feel About Treemonisha Personally, Treemonisha is a play based on feminism and strength. Treemonisha goes through hardships throughout the entirety of the play ie. kidnapping and doubt; but she manages to still lead […]

A Woman’s Tribute to Negro Spirituals

Marian Anderson Singing Songs to Her Rights By: Demi Browder Who was Marian Anderson? Marian Anderson was born on February 27, 1897 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She was known not only for her contralto, but her bravery to breakthrough racism to show her talent. Growing up Anderson revealed her voice talents early, but unfortunately her family […]