Disco with Sister Sledge

Disco with Sister Sledge Disco came around in the early 70’s and brought a unique sound to the music industry. Sister Sledge formed their group in ’71 and began to achieve their fame and success in ’79. These women brought an extra piece of gold to the table with their unique sound paired with their […]

Can You Dig It??: The Rise of Disco

CAN YOU DIG IT??: THE RISE OF DISCO The origins of the disco genre begin in underground dance venues in New York City in the 1970s, primarily by African American, Latino and gay dancers. The music was made to influence dancing and intersect fashion and hairstyles during that time. Disco also brought forth the presence […]

Progressive Pioneer: Grace Jones

Thesis: Through disco music and abnormal appearance, Grace jones catalyzed the notions of undefined gender norms, queer identity, and open sexuality. Disco was a new sound that largely placed emphasis on the expression of individuality.  It is a style of music that was popularized in the 1970s with a sound that is noted by four-on-the-floor […]

Disco Review-Kendall Jones

The genre emerged out of an urban subculture in the early 1970s. Discos had been popular in the community for quite some years. The goal was to have pre-recorded music that people could dance to. DJs were the driving creative force behind disco music. Turntables, PA systems, and microphones were essentials for a disco party. […]

The History of Disco

Origin of the Genre Disco came out in the late 1960s and early 1970s. It quickly overtook funk as the popular music of the times. Its origins were in New York, then it spread to Miami, Chicago, San Francisco, and other big cities. In the early days, it was not played on the radio even […]