That Funky Funk

That Funky Funk by Lila Gilliam Funk music was born in the late 60s and continued to be popular during the 70s from Soul and Jazz fusion genres. The genre uses Blues, Jazz, Soul, and Rock elements of rhythm, soloing, vocal phrasing and styling, and even improvisation, making it a genre that is fully influenced […]

Pass It On Up: The Movement of Negro Spirituals through Black American History

The Origin of the Negro Spirituals:        Negro Spirituals is a music genre made by the enslaved Africans in America during the 18th century.  These songs often mixed in elements of the Christian church and the storytelling of the slaves. Often used as a comfort for most, negro spirituals were sung as a […]

Jazz’s Impact on the Civil Rights Movement

Jazz’s Impact on the Civil Rights Movement Swing jazz was enjoyed by both black and white audiences, which is what allowed the genre to play a major role in influencing the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. With black jazz artists holding the American public’s interest, these artists had control over the music and, therefore, […]