Negro Spirituals: Evidence of the Stead-fast African-American Spirit

Negro Spirituals: Evidence of the Stead-fast African-American Spirit Lila Gilliam Negro Spirituals are the religious and expressive music of African-Americans during slavery; they exemplified Christian religious values and allowed creative expression for the enslaved ancestors and even Black artists and musicians today. Because of its historical longevity, the Negro Spiritual is a testament to the […]

“Take Me to the King”: The Transformation of Black Gospel Music

“TAKE ME TO THE KING”: THE TRANSFORMATION OF BLACK GOSPEL MUSIC Gospel music is the 20th century of African American religious music that came after the Great Migration. Thomas Dorsey, “The Father of Gospel Music” originally was a blues and jazz pianist and composer, but he devoted his time to develop and advance gospel music. […]

Voices That Carried On

History of Negro Spirituals Spirituals were religious songs made by African Americans during slavery whereas hymns were loosely based on biblical scripture  The Great Awakening, a period of religious revival that swept around the colonies in the 18th century, led to the birth of negro spirituals In the South, slaves would meet in secret because […]